I remember buying a book in Paris called ‘Les Fabuleuses Ruines de Detroit’, which caught my imagination and shaped my feeling about the city. When I came to Detroit for the first time earlier this year, I had the chance to re-claim that image and even leave a trace of myself in this great city.

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I joined CULTURUNNERS in Detroit to show my work exploring innovation within traditional Islamic art. I have been working as a kind of conduit between artisans working with Islamic patterns in Morocco and the contemporary art and design world in Europe and now for the first time in the US. I came to Detroit with two projects, one for the gallery and one for the street (above).

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Exhibition at the Detroit Red Bull House of Art

I was happy to find an audience for my work in Detroit who appreciated my efforts to reach my roots. It seemed they were searching for their roots too. I met artists with links to North Africa and the Middle East, as well as some local artists who had converted to Islam. Whether Hispanic or European or African, there was a consistent conversation about searching beyond the contemporary, into the philosophies and ideas of the past … in order to find new possibilities for the future.

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Community Talk at Redbull House of Arts with CULTURUNNERS DETROIT curators, Lila Nazemian and Ava Ansari, and fellow artist, Peyman ShafeezadehCapture d’écran 2015-10-26 à 15.12.58Guests at opening of CULTURUNNERS – DETROIT at Redbull House of Arts, Sunday 19 July 2015

Skills: Exhibitions, Workshops