« Holder of a diploma from the École Olivier de Serres in Paris. 

Born in France in a traditional Moroccan family, Sara Ouhaddou dual culture informs her practice as a continuous dialogue. She began her career as a designer for fashion brands including Lancôme, but it has developed towards a social practice, addressing the diverse challenges facing the artisan craftsmen community in Morocco. Her practice questions the availability of design as a tool for economic, social and cultural development with a focus on the Arab world »


Artistic practice

The practices of craftspeople define and reaffirm our cultural identity. My work aims to explore the relationship between the crafts traditions of the Arab world and the global contemporary art. My purpose is to widen the debate regarding the role of traditional arts and crafts in Arab culture today. Artistic trends, in architecture and design are exposed to a broad spectrum of influences both local and external. But how do global influences and constraints accommodate local needs? How are these processes of adaptation linked to questions of cultural identity?

         All my work is a research of a specific question; I have a name for it: the proper place. It consists in building a bridge between the universal and the particular, and try to fit in with contemporary forms. In order to carry out a rewriting of specific Moroccan identities within the modern context, I focus on local history and cultural heritage. Natural materials and handmade techniques are mostly linked to their geographical context. I have established five workshops in five different locations, each one has its specificity. Weavers in the Morocco High Atlas and in Tangier, ceramists in the Ourika region, embroiderers in Tetuan and jewelers in Tiznit.